Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#4 The Moose Dance

No it's not a variation on the chicken dance.

If you like dance movies, if you like hip hop and r'n'b, or if you like a combination of all three, go see Step Up 2. Along with the formulaic plot line - orphan girl falls in with the wrong crowd (a bunch of rag-tag dancin' gangstas for whom missing a practice is the ultimate sin), gets herself into trouble, has one shot to clean up her act or else she'll get sent to live in Texas with an Aunt she hardly knows, runs into the main character from the last film who's cleaned up his act due to going to the special school for gifted special special students, is cajoled into auditioning, auditions, catches the eye of the bad-ass younger brother of said school's most influential dance instructor, gets into the school, starts running late to dance gangsta's practices, gets kicked out of the crew...and so on and so forth until there's a dance off at the end – and her new crew of especially rag-tag misfits bring it and her old crew get served like a bunch of suckers.

You might think that I've ruined the movie, but let's face it. None of us go to these films for their award winning plot lines. The dancing is insane. INSANE. And the best dancer of all? In my opinion, and since you're reading this it's the only one you're going to get, is Moose. Moose is a young scruffy dude with big curly hair, pale skin and a prominent nose... see what I'm getting at here? He's a young guy who goes to the gifted special school for special special students as a tech crew lighting assistant. He has no discernible talents until...

The Moose Dance

click the link and you'll know exactly why I like the Moose Dance. You'll probably see why I like Moose too. Go watch the film and see what he does at the end.

You'll jump up and down with pure exhilaration and excitement.

I did – and I'm still picking tangy fruits out of my hair a week later.


sheda said...

tangy fruits! i'd forgotten they existed. what's with this encouraging us to watch bad movies? i thought the post was going to be on using mousse in your hair - like it looks like the boy in the pic does, and mr. mcdreamy of course... don't boys want to learn how to do that, too?

Anonymous said...

LOL Bad.

Im working on my melbourne shuffle eh. LOL u know.. to that doof doof music.

Melvi_u03 said...

tu eres un vacono bailando te amiro