Wednesday, April 30, 2008

#29 Anxious Goats

There's a type of goat - found mainly in the Himalayan mountains I believe - that when scared, falls victim to a petrification of the extremities, and can't help itself but fall over. Can you imagine the pandemonium if everytime you were startled you collapsed in a catatonic heap on the ground? Oh the humanity! I keep picturing a yetti or some other type of mischievous snow creature playing tricks on them at extreme altitudes and then giggling as the frozen goats bounce down the mountain to their demise. It would go something like this: Rooooaaaaar! Maaa-aa-aaa- thud maa-aa-aa- thud maa-aa-aaa- thud....silence.

p.s. Did you hear what happened to the cross-eyed circumciser?
He got the sack.


Rhiyen said...

Where can I get one of these magic goats? x R