Thursday, July 24, 2008

#121 Little Brother's Lick of Paint

I dropped into the new look Little Brother High St store today. I was amazed by the bold colour on the walls – it's from Murray Crane's upcoming collection for paint company Aalto – named carbon paper blue, (inspired by the colour of actual carbon paper) it's such a royal blue it's almost purple. In Murray's words, "The new high impact store is the ideal backdrop for the low fuss wardrobe staples Little Brother is famous for."

Retailers are definitely feeling the pinch in these days of recession anxiety, so congratulations to Murray Crane for throwing caution to the wind and giving the store such a daring overhaul. Somebody needs to put on a bright face amongst the all pervasive doom and gloom!


Sheena said...

The store looks fantastic! I used to have carbon stains all over my elbows and knuckles when I was younger and hated it but that is a hot wall!

ShitFuck said...

'Designer' paint colours are Laaame. just my .02c
in saying that, It is a rather nice colour, does it come in rattle-can form?

Anonymous said...

Hey Shitfuck, thats a pretty lame attempt at a name as well, i guess judging something without seeing it is pretty lame as well,