Sunday, October 26, 2008

#213 ACT comments, with a sense of humour as sunny as Rodney's jacket

After emailing Rodney Hide for a comment on his tagged billboard, (above – let's call it Rodneygate) I was disappointed to receive the following meagre reply:

All the parties get their billboards vandalized. It’s a jolly nuisance. I will get it attended to. rodney

(Yes, he spelt his name with a lower-case r.)

However I fretted too soon, because this email from ACT's Campaign Operations - Candidate Support Bruce Haycock arrived in my inbox last night:

Hi, even got a text from my daughter about this one, will fix in morning. A number of billboards have Rodney’s face excised – we think it might be the work of an unknown Rodney worshipping sect – we assume they will all Party Vote ACT. Bruce

I don't know about a Rodney worshipping sect – methinks it was more likely the work of a worshipping devotee of another, Italian besuited politician. (He and Rodney don't seem to have been getting along so well lately.)

But hats off to ACT – possibly the country's most conservative party – for being able to have a laugh about Rodneygate in what one would assume is the most stressful month of the last three years.

UPDATE 30/10 5:00pm: The offending billboard is still there – on the left hand side of Dominion Road as you're driving towards Upper Queen St. Someone needs to get their ACT together...


Jordan Rondel said...

What's funny is that I drove past this billboard at about 5pm today and it's still there!
All I can say is that if I was Rodney I would definitely have had it taken down by now - not exactly a good look for him and his party

Nina said...

Ha ha ha! Thats hilarious! And makes me like ACT a lot more. LOL!