Thursday, January 1, 2009

#264 My Sex and the City dinner moment

I'm no Sex and the City fan. My TV loves are Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Gossip Girl and of late Entourage (Ari Gold is possibly the most genius character ever created), but that didn't stop me from getting a bit excited at the prospect of going for dinner (make that appetizers) at Kong last night. The 100% Phillipe Starck designed bar/restaurant lies in the First between Kenzo and Louis Vuitton, and (my dining partners told me) features in a Sex and the City episode. If you're a diehard SATC fan you'll remember the episode – the one when Carrie's Russian boyfriend's daughter takes Carrie out for lunch to Kong. The daughter isn't a fan of the Starck designed space, calling the chairs (Louis Ghosts and wooden armchairs with faces emblazoned on the back) "iiiideous".

We weren't complaining.

My dining partners in crime, the sisters Rondel and Clare Andrew (daughter of NZ painter John Andrew) with costars – Starck designed gnomes and teeth stools.

An orange cabinet displaying little Japanese knick knacks.

Me and my mate.

Anouk and Clare deep in conversation.

The "iiiideous" face chairs and booth separators.

View of the LV building opposite our table.

Baby sumo in les toilettes. (He stands guard while you pee.)

Harajuku girl light box.

The dregs.


Bryanboy said...

it's philippe starck not starcke

Isaac Likes said...

Sorry Bryan, consider it amended.

Shannon said...

I can't believe you're in Paris =)
Extremely lucky.

roya said...

you should ask my cousin what he thinks about Kong, being a designer for Starck and all. i actually am going to go with the russian daughter and say it is the traditional meaning of 'cute': ugly... yet interesting

Coco Campbell said...

I went there when i was last in paris. Classy place...