Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#271 Isaac Likes in Viva Today!

To all my NZ readers!

Please pick up a copy of Viva in the NZ Herald today to read Cathrin Schaer's article on fashion bloggers. She interviewed me remotely for the piece – she was in Berlin, I was in Auckland – it was all very exciting. Sadly I'm still overseas so haven't had a chance to read the article but from all accounts so far it's a good one!

Thanks Cathrin, thanks Viva!


perrier said...

It is important to post your commments to Isaac because he actually reads them and he's not an 18 year old girl, he wants he hear from older wonen and men with opinions and taste, his blog is worth more than all the others put together

Aych said...

interesting thoughts - I think one of the views the article was expressing was how those "18year old girls" are style icons them selves and provide a very real social comentary.

YouThinkYouKnow said...

Perrier, we would. However, most of us older folks in the industry find the youngsters so damned rude and pretentious that we don't like talking to them very much at all really. And, we'd rather just get on with our businesses and leave all the talk to others anyway.

Besides, this is fashion. So, what's to talk about, really? Either someone likes the clothes or they don't.

I think you'll find that most designers don't really care what the journos have to say about them, as long as customers keep buying.

Craig said...

Isaac I did a high-res scan for Bryan or his blog/archives - let me know if you want them emailed if BB hasn't forwarded already.

Craig Gibbon

PS so jealous about you going to the Gaultier show!

Isaac Likes said...

Craig, I already put it up AND thanked you for it! Check it out!
Thanks again, you're a great man, a great, great man.

The Gaultier show was hilarious, the man himself ran down the catwalk at the end with a huge blonde afro wig.


Craig said...

teehee ok now I see the thank you bit! keep having an amazing fashion-time and keep up the good work!

Craig x