Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#273 Teenage Clicks - Viva article by Cathrin Schaer from NZ Herald 21/01/08

Special thanks to Bryanboy and Craig for sending me scans of the article. And thanks again Viva!


Bryanboy said...

and special thank you to bryanboy and his friend in new zealand for the scans, you ingrateful cunt.

jk ;)

Isaac Likes said...

Sorry! It's been amended. Special thanks to the "camp blogger"

Anonymous said...

who is the 12 year old?

Isaac Likes said...

Tavi the fashion blogger, received mass media attention when NY Magazine blog The Cut did a piece on her a few months ago:

Amber said...

It was an interesting piece. I loved your photo, very winsome!

Adam said...

Hi Isaac(likes),

Came across your blog a few days ago after googling Olivia O'Driscoll - leaving a note now as I thought you might be interested and/or afraid to learn that your readership has expanded to such an extent it now includes 20yo Hamiltonian boys bored at their public sector jobs. Kudos.

Let's hope your blog doesn't go the way of E-Online and Trademe: filtered for the sake of employer productivity - though that would be the ultimate compliment.

Keep up the goodness.

- Adam

no said...

well done sir!

good to the props coming your way.

shame we didn't manage to link europe-side


Nita-Karoliina said...

i really like petra, nice site you have here.