Sunday, March 1, 2009

#336 High Tea at Martha's Pantry

There's nothing like a spot of high tea with friends to lift the spirits, and there's no place like Martha's Pantry to do it. Located at the top of Cuba Street, Martha's is a Wellington institution, serving tea, scones, slices and club sandwiches to young and old alike. I went along yesterday with a big group of friends and the cutest toddler you've ever seen.

My little lunch companion Amelia.

My main man Dean.

Less than two and already drinking tea like a pro.

The geniuses behind Martha's Pantry!


Emma said...

Those look to die for, alot cuter than Langham

Clarey said...

That place looks adorable!!

lulubelle said...

the 'hippy' in the food may have just been cumin. I guess that's quiet ethnic. We're a cultural bunch...

Hey Isaac...what do you do? :)