Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#378 Meet Felix, NZ's Next Top MALE Model

Remember when I was in Dunedin I mentioned a young male model who I could see leaving this isolated island at the end of the earth and going out to make his fortune abroad? Here he is, his name's Felix, he's repped by AliMcD in Dunedin, and I think he's going to be huge. And I should know, after all I did discover Kate Moss. Or was that Sarah Doukas... I forget.

More pics after the jump.


Anonymous said...


you probably have heard but here :

Emma said...

those cheekbones!

Zanita said...

my word you sure can pick em!
Nifty little blog you have going on here Isaac, very glad i've stumbled across it.... im actually partial to the odd bit of blogging myself!
I must thank you while im here for recommending to me James Taylor by the way... I become quite obsessed with his crooning for awhile there.
Still at 62?
Much love

Anonymous said...

Super spotting. What a face! Would you agree there is something a little Jasper Seven-ish about him? Especially the 3rd photo. It's that angelic beauty.

Isaac Likes said...

I'm with you anon!

Yeah I definitely thought that when I saw the pictures.