Thursday, April 30, 2009

#475 Skinny boys and a couple of Kiwis at Beat Poet

Video courtesy of MAX

Beat Poet showed a skinny rock n roll boy's collection this morning, a wearable Dior Homme inspired Sydney streetwear range. Alongside the Sydney boys, the three NZers from Kate Sylvester walked - Vinnie P from 62, Bruce from August and Red from Red11. My favourite moments were the purple pants, shirts, light knitwear and OBVIOUSLY the cuffed beige pants. You know I love those beige pants!


J said...

Widescreen video of the show here.

Beat Poet rules.

Isaac Likes said...

I got there late and missed the first couple of looks, but according to the video above, NZer Bruce opened the show.

Anonymous said...

Boys are repped by The Men's Divison not Priscillas

Anonymous said...

f y i : vinnie p is repped by priscillas