Thursday, May 14, 2009

#510 What's in store at MADE

Hat by MAW. Jacket, shirt, vest and shoes by APC. Jeans by April 77.

Most of you know my best good mate Atip Wananuruks as a stylist, fashionisto and a general all round nice guy, but did you also know he runs a store? That's right, MADE next to the ill fated Gubb and Mackie on Customs Street in Britomart. I stopped in this afternoon expecting to pull a few outfits off the racks and take some pictures, but I was treated to a full service makeover by the man himself and Ant Gratten, shop afficianado and budding stylist.

These are the results.

Jacket by Cheap Monday. Shirt, waistcoat and tie by Saint Augustine Academy. Jeans by Nudie. Shoes by Mjolk.

Jacket by Stolen Girlfriends Club. Shirt and jeans by Nudie. Cravat by St Augustine Academy. Shoes by Mjolk.

Where's Wally? Hat, jacket, shirt and espadrilles by APC. Jeans by April 77.

Barbed wire beanie by Stolen Girlfriends Club. Jacket and shoes by APC. Shirt and cravat by Saint Augustine Academy. Jeans by Cheap Monday.

Hat by MAW. Leather jacket by Lee. Cardigan and henley tee by APC. Jeans by Cheap Monday. Shoes by Lacoste.

Beanie by Standard Issue. Shirt and jeans by Cheap Monday. Jacket by APC. Tie by Saint Augustine Academy. Shoes by Lacoste.

The excellent Ant Gratten.

My main man Atip Wananuruks.

30-32 Customs Street East
Auckland CBD
09 366 1693



Mike H said...

You should buy that A.P.C. baseball jacket, it's been completely sold out everywhere internationally.

Isaac Likes said...

Hey Mike,
I'm very very tempted, it was my favourite piece of the whole day.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

now i wanna go to the shop

Sgt Pepper said...

I love Made! Now that Atip has left our fair shores, who is running the store?