Saturday, May 30, 2009

#539 NZ's Next Top Model Series Two confirmed!

Screengrab /TV3

Everybody's favourite 'reality' TV show has rated so highly they're coming back for seconds! After a hugely successful first season, with more hype and media attention than anyone could have anticipated, TV3 have put a registration form on their website taking applications for the second series of New Zealand's Next Top Model. If I was female and just a little bit prettier I'd apply - who doesn't want a slice of the NZNTM pie?? Actually, while we're here, if you're reading this - influential TV3 producers, keep me in mind for a guest judge spot next season, I want to get on that show!

But for now, I'll content myself with the anticipation for next week's finale episode. And here's how it's going to play out. Hosanna will be axed first when the judges finally realise just how short she really is, then Laura and Christobelle will fight it out with Christobelle winning by the tiniest fraction of a margin after she covertly offers to buy each of the judges a small island off the coast of Mexico.

Don't forget about me when you're dishing out the gifts, Christobelle, I could do with an island too!



MyCool said...

Awesome. No date for second season is there?
Yes and I second that for you to be on there Isaac! We should start a petition!

Isaac Likes said...

Hey MyCool I've emailed the publicist and I'll update it as soon as I know.

Green Tea and Coffee said...

Isaac, it would make my day if you were a guest judge next season, personally I think you should be a main judge! You would look so rockin sitting behind that bench!

Anonymous said...

ok that just confirms it. Hosana only wins because it secures the numbers of "hopefuls" next season with the "underDOG" winning. grrr

Anonymous said...

The whole of the NZ fashion industry hates you except for murray beven so good luck getting on the show!!!

Melindhuryo said...

What are these Anonymous people talking about?
I don't quite understand.
Nobody likes you?
Hosanna winning?
Not really making any sense..

Not cool enough for 'Anonymous' said...

Dear Hater at 3.39pm,

It's Bevan with an 'a'.

You sound like you need a hug.

Isaac Likes said...

Dear Not cool enough for 'Anonymous' at 11:28pm,

My hero!

I'll give you a hug ;-)

Anonymous said...

Only the coolest people have haters. Somebody just can't take the coolness that is :) You are much loved isaaclikes. Hugs for all!

MyCool said...

See anon hating on whoever but they couldn't back it up by saying who it was. Grrrr.. Not cool. Are we back in the school playground again or something?