Friday, June 12, 2009

#578 Shot of the day - Lip my stocking

Image /Mikhail Gherman

"Last night had dinner with Mr Mago, the women’s buying director for one of Japan’s biggest and hippest fashion chains: Beams (a long time customer of Karen Walker). Mago-san on far left, next to him his assistant Ms Katayama and then Mika and Minami from KW team in Tokyo. Incidentally Mago-san played the art director in Lost In Translation - you can see him laughing behind the director in the 'more intensity' ad shoot scene. This photo taken around midnight, back streets Harajuku, heading back to hotel. Karen’s knee in foreground. Lip my stocking."



Anonymous said...


Isaac Likes said...

I assume you're saying 'eh??' in relation to the 'Lip my stocking'?

If you haven't seen Lost in Translation, you really should. It's my favourite movie of all time.

There's a scene in the film where Bill Murray's character is in his hotel room in Tokyo and a middle aged Japanese woman knocks on the door. She is a lady of the night, and her specialty is making a man feel like he is doing something very naughty. She tells Bill Murray to "Lip my stocking!" Lip is the Japanese/English way of saying Rip.

Anonymous said...

"Lip my stocking" sounds naughtier,like a new move cosmo might endorse

Isaac Likes said...

I'm with you on that.