Wednesday, June 17, 2009

#589 Vinnie Woolston - you asked for it

All images /David Shields for Melbourne's Sunday Magazine

Apologies for my extreme lack of blogging today, this is the first time I've been in front of a computer since last night. I flew into Christchurch early this morning and I've been doing wedding stuff all day - it would seem waltzing isn't quite as easy as it looks! Last week I did a post on the few NZ male models who are doing anything exciting at the moment, and had an immediate swarm of requests for recent Vinnie Woolston work. Coincidentally, yesterday morning my best good mate John Randerson sent me an email from Melbourne saying that the Sunday Magazine over there had featured a David Shields/Vinnie Woolston editorial in the weekend. So here it is for you (more below). It looks like it was shot at a West Coast beach - a David Shields signature - and was styled by David Bonney.

The moral of the story is, those who ask shall receive.



Anonymous said...


yougotgoodtaste said...

this is gorgeous. thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

he also just shot the new Marcs campaign

roya said...

you have another best good mate over here other than i? heartbreaking.
and yess i saw this shoot on the weekend whilst i was procrastinating from study-times. i'm not ready for man-sailor-pants but the long hair distracts me enough to not look below the shoulders

Anonymous said...

Love love love him! 2nd and last pics r fav. thanks for posting!

Kim said...

Vinnie is my cousin - he looks awesome!