Monday, July 13, 2009

#657 A wistful moment outside Christian Lacroix

Anna Piaggi outside Christian Lacroix - Image /Steve Wood

I ran into an Australian fashion writer among the teeming masses out front at Christian Lacroix. We spoke about home, fashion and writing, and I asked her if she was looking forward to what was quite possibly going to be the designer's last ever show. She looked at me and paused. "You know what? I was here at the beginning, I don't think I want to be here at the end." With that, she shook my hand and walked away.



YO said...

Was the image of Anna Piaggi supposed to have any relevance to the text? (other than that they were both at Christian Lacroix) What was the name of this Australian fashion writer? And, did she walk away from you or the show? Thanks

Isaac Likes said...

Yo yo,
Anna Piaggi has no relevance to this story besides the fact that she was there too. The Australian writer walked away from me and the show.
Cheers yo

Michelle said...

I did hear of some financial problems but is Christian Lacroix really going to shut down? His gowns (all his designs really) are so exquisite. What a shame.

(Oh and if you have some images from his show, it would be awesome to see some up on your website! Thanks)

Isaac Likes said...

Christian Lacroix filed for bankruptcy about a month ago now. All the work that went into the gowns for the show was donated - embroidery, sewing etc, and the models were only paid 50 Euros each - according to the Chambre Syndicale rule.

Unless someone comes and bails him out it looks like it will be his last ever show.

Fashion Behind The Scenes said...

super jealous about Piaggi! looks like your having an amazing time!

YO said...

Really appreciated you replying Isaac.. Your doing a good job, and i'll agree with other comments in that your fashion week coverage was very good and quite unique. So I guess.. Keep doing it.