Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#661 Pleats Please

Lanvin pleats - Image /NYMAG

I'm so utterly obsessed with pleated pants right now that if I don't get some immediately I think I might spew. I don't know why everyone's been so anti them for the past couple of years, that whole GQ driven 'you MUST wear flat front pants!' tirade can't have helped the cause, but I guess there were some pretty bad pleats going around for a while there. I love the volume, shape and texture pleats give to pants. I love them cuffed, I love them cropped, I love them in wool suiting, cottons and even satin (as seen above at Lanvin). I especially love those really bad American beige chinos that Country Club members wear - especially when cool guys roll them up.

Below are some more that I like. Ron Burgundy said it all - "It's the pleat in my pants... Don't act like you're not impressed!"

Kenzo pleats - Image /WWD

Two Dries van Noten pleats - Images /NYMAG

Burberry pleats on NZer Aiden Andrews - Image /NYMAG

Cerruti pleats on Robbie Wadge - Image /WWD



Leah said...

There is also the part at the end of Yes Man, when Soo-Mi makes a comment about the pleat in Norm's pants. If that isn't a reason to get pleated pants, I don't know what is.

Isaac Likes said...

I loved that movie!

Isaac Likes said...

Oh, and just while we're on the topic of pants, do you know what really irks me?

Girls who wear tights as pants.


Anonymous said...

hey man, the worst leggings-as-pants offence is when girls where those 'denim' look leggings as pants - are skinny jeans not sufficient? and when teamed with a shirt that finishes around the waist....(shudder)

Emma said...

I hate it when they wear actually pantyhose (even wool or opaques) as pants - have seen a couple of girls round uni doing this (and not with baggy loose tops - with tight little ones!) and u can see the gusset and seam and EVERYTHING.

spare the children please.
this is NEVER OK

except at dior couture.

K said...

A girl at my work wears leggings as pants, and not in the way wear she has a short dress and is being quasi-demure by covering up her legs for work, but in the way where you can see everything as she has a cropped denim jacket on.

Emma - people are wearing stockings as pants?! Gross.

Isaac Likes said...


Leah said...

I totally agree with Anon. and not to be a total hater, but it seems to me the girls that wear faux denim leggings instead of jean are the ones that are on the heavier side, and the faux denim just seems to hug all the wrong places.

And to Emmas comment about the actual tights as pants, I have been lucky enough not to see that yet.. but sheesh.. it sounds like its vomit material!