Thursday, July 16, 2009

#662 Model antics backstage in Berlin

There's nothing like watching a fashion show unfold from backstage. On the catwalk it's always polished and professional, but backstage is something entirely different. You've got models running, clothes flying, dressers getting screamed at by producers and the designer freaking out quietly in a corner. I'm always fascinated to see how the models act in that split second moment when they're just coming off the catwalk, so while I was in Berlin I caught them in the act. Some are boisterous, some are demure, some are fun and flirty and some are straight thuggin' gangsters. Holla!

Wow so Youtube is really cracking down on music copyright - I had Moonriver as the backing track but the audio's been disabled!



Leonie said...

Reckon it's always interesting seeing the second between image and real. Moon River makes me cry.