Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#673 The Sartorialist, the book

Image /The Sartorialist

We all know it, we all probably try to hide it, but there's no denying it - what greater validation of cool exists than being photographed by The Sartorialist? Wherever he walks people try to not-not look conspicuous, hell, there's even a comedy flow chart with tips for attracting the man's attention. Well guess what... the book is here. Available on August 12th from Amazon, The Sartorialist will showcase a selection of Scott Schuman's favourite shots. When I was in Paris in January he took a picture of me and Anouk huddling under an umbrella that ended up on men.style.com (about two thirds of the way down the page), but I was very jealous that his individual photo of Anouk made it onto his website. I guess I can take some small satisfaction that she was wearing my sweater at the time... right? I don't know about you but I'm pre-ordering a copy today. From what it says on his website, it seems like most of the shots were taken this year, so who knows - Anouk might be in the book!



Anonymous said...

Hah. Love the flow chart.

Want/need the book. I'll get the funds somehow. And lucky you guys getting your photos!

Anonymous said...

Isaac I think you and jordon should make a post of all the websites you know about you always so up to date with everything cool

Isaac Likes said...

First anon - get the book immediately!!

Second anon - you're very kind.

GeezLouise! said...

You can pre-order your copy on Fishpond for $50 and it comes to them on the 1st of August.

Anonymous said...

***Alexandra Owen is doing NY Fashion week! Yay for her! ***

Isaac Likes said...

Hi GeezLouise! Thanks for the info.

Anon - Here's an article about it -


I don't think there's been any confirmation, just an intention to show.