Thursday, July 23, 2009

#678 Coco Avant Chanel - her finest sartorial moments

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I went to Coco Avant Chanel last Sunday with Dayne and my Aunty Debbie who co-owns designer collective/Grey Lynn institution Moa. I was quite astounded to find that the film had received mixed reviews - especially from my mate Helen over at Sassybella. Dayne, Debbie and I all loved it and I was absolutely swept away by the entire production - every shot looked like a painting, the clothing was incroyable and I thought Audrey Tautou was splendid as Coco Chanel. All week I've been planning on doing a recap of my favourite outfits but I couldn't think of where to find the photos. Luckily a young lady by the name of Katherine emailed me and happened to know exactly where to find them, so finally I've assembled them here for you (below).

First things first, the suit she wore to the Halloween party. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, there's nothing on this earth I love more than girls in boy's clothing. So as soon as I saw this suit I just about passed out - I even texted a friend in the audience to say she had to get one just like it IMMEDIATELY. Look at the pants - are they not everything I've been going on and on and on about recently? And the hat! Did I mention the pocket square? I died.

I'm obsessed with tweed right now. The film didn't help alleviate the hunger.

'Hi, I'm Coco Chanel. I'll throw a coat over the most awesome pyjama suit ever created, slip on some heels and run out the door ready to take on the world. That's all.'

I'm gutted I couldn't get a full length shot of this tweed mancoat - it was my favourite piece in the whole film. It was so oversized and bulky - it didn't actually occur to me at the time, but maybe it was his coat? I like to think it was hers though.

And last but not least, the sailor stripe long sleeve tee. As soon as I saw her looking at the fishermen on the seashore she and I both knew she had to have one.

So girls, the moral of the story is this. Get yourself down to your local tailor and start ordering some men's suits - wear them with shirts and ties, waistcoats and big tweed overcoats.

Then come find me.



a cat of impossible colour said...

Great post, Isaac! Can't wait to see this film.

I've been lusting after the perfect nautical striped tee for ages. You'd think they'd be easy to find, but nooo.

A xx

Helen said...

Isaac my dear, the fashion was great but Chanel has such an amazing story, the movie just sort of washed over the most of it and just looked at the clothes and 2 romances. Zzzzz...

If you want great fashion, find out when Valentino: The Last Emperor hits NZ screens. You will want to watch that over and over - I know I do.

Isaac Likes said...

I know what you're saying Helen, but it was supposed to be Coco BEFORE Chanel...

Valentino is out this Sunday in NZ! Can't wait!!

Charlotte said...

ah yes, i'm gonna delve more head first into garcons clothing juuust after i pay off my cute sretsis dress, THEN i will!

Enya said...

I thought the film was beautiful when I saw it on Sunday! I used to work for Chanel so I have extra love for the brand and mademoiselle! I actually loved the focus on the romance and her humble beginnings because it is not something most people are familiar about nor associate with chanel. And of course, audrey tatou was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hi isaac the film is riddled with major inaccuracies in the real (known) story Chanel's life and the timeframe has been completely messed with which is pretty disapointing.

if you went to the film and didnt know this you might enjoy it, but knowing this meant a pretty frustrating and false picture