Friday, August 7, 2009

#718 Shot of the day - Mark Ronson... see what I'm talking about?

Image /Perez Hilton

Check that photo out - how can Mark Ronson not be on Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List? Come on - the man's wearing a fricken maroon suit! Even Perez thinks he's stylin'. I'm boycotting. I'm not quite sure what I'm boycotting yet, but I'm definitely boycotting something.



Aych said...

Now even your feet can look as good as his:

def a man of the moment!

Emma said...

he is awesome

Isaac Likes said...

Emma - correct.

Hannah - don't love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

not loving his look! definately not ready for maroon suits again, its way too short and tight at the waistband, surely even tom cruise looks better than this guy

Kelly said...

Any idea who made that suit? I've looked endlessly & have come up empty handed :(

isaaclikes said...

It's Gucci!