Tuesday, August 11, 2009

#726 Will Eustace on the move Part II - Just Cavalli

All Images /Roberto Cavalli

Next-big-thing English male model Will Eustace is back again, this time in Roberto Cavalli's diffusion line Just Cavalli with a blonde Magdalena lookalike (anybody know who she is?). I went to the Cavalli show in Milan expecting the worst - I'm not so big on cheesy commercial guys in tight leopard print pants - but the collection was actually really cool (even cooler was the man himself out the front smoking a massive chogie before it started), and this Just Cavalli stuff isn't too bad either. Take away the printed tees and you've got some good individual pieces in there - the grey sweater, puffer jackets and liberty print top are my faves. Back to Will Eustace, if you look at the shots below, I reckon he's still got a bit of development to do - there doesn't seem to be any chemistry between him and the girl. Maybe he should give Michael Whittaker a call... that guy seems to know what he's doing.



The Churchword said...

Ha,ha,ha I'm with you on giving Michael Whittaker a call! I like this post!

Leonie said...

Love the beanie, the t-shirt, the scarf, the couldn't- give-a-toss look.