Friday, August 14, 2009

#735 Cole Mohr - "I didn’t want to be a model because I didn’t also want to be a hooker"

Image /Steve Wood

Something I've wanted to see for quite some time - an interview with Cole Mohr. NYLONGUYS took on's number 17 boy in their latest issue, and here's what he had to say for himself.

On modelling:
“I didn’t want to be a model because I didn’t also want to be a hooker [laughs]. But I was homeless in New york and like, ‘Alright, either I’m going to get paid to be a piece of meat, or I’m not going to be paid to be a piece of meat.’ Sometimes I feel guilty, like I’m living somebody else’s dream, because I never gave a shit about being a fashion symbol. But…life is good.”

The end goal:
“The intention was always to be a designer. Kim Jones has been really supportive of me. He let me design shoes for one of his shows. And Joe McKenna hired me to do these t-shirts for Quest magazine. I feel like it’s a dream I can realize…I’ve also been pretentious enough to call myself an artist long before I was a model. I have a big old book full of fucking awesome ideas, so my biggest goal is to commit to making tangible work.”




Paora said...

j'adore mohr!!! more! xxxs

v.goh said...

omg its so awesome that he wanted to be a designer!!

Simon Hoffmann said...

what the hell is xxxs supposed to mean???

Isaac Likes said...

It means kisses freak.

Hye ji said...

could I translate this to Korean and post on my blog?
I'll make clear this interviewing posting is from your blog.

Isaac Likes said...

Hye ji - of course! Go for your life.


Hye ji said...
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