Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#748 Cinema de Yves Saint Laurent

If you're going to make a film for your menswear collection that has nothing whatsoever to do with the clothes, this is how you do it. Directed by Samuel Benchetrit and starring his son Jules, the short film (made for Yves Saint Laurent's Spring 2010 menswear collection) basically shows a young boy going to a stranger's hotel room, making a few phone calls and attempting to reunite a broken hearted woman with her bon ami. Watch it, I think you'll like it. I do.



Anonymous said...

see... boys look cuter with LONG hair!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful movie! Check out this 1972 YSL show, the music is amazing


Leonie said...

THAT is beautiful. And the boy moves with such natural grace it is absolute perfection. Either that, or his dad's a genius. I love this to bits.