Wednesday, August 26, 2009

#772 Shot of the day - Nick Bryant - a sheep in Ralph's clothing

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New Zealand model, CURRENT face of Polo Ralph Lauren (and one time fixture on the top 50 list) Nick Bryant has just shown up on the Polo Ralph Lauren website once again, advertising their latest sale. Thanks to an anonymous commenter, I've just found out that the above image is the new campaign shot for Polo Ralph Lauren F/W 09. Nick Bryant is back in the game! Wonder if he'll show up on the catwalk in New York?



Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Polo Ralph Lauren F/W 09.10. Featured on MDC :-)

Isaac Likes said...

Fantastic thank you so much!
I'll update now.

Blicious said...

yum!!!!!!!! great blog!


Anonymous said...

thanks, wondered who that was; looked familiar, but could not place.....thanks! Ben