Thursday, August 27, 2009

#775 Shot of the day - new Band of Outsiders: it's Jason Schwartz of course

All Images /The Fashionisto

Who says lookbooks should all be shot indoors against plain white backgrounds? Not I said the duck. I respect Band of Outsiders for doing things a bit differently. First of all, they don't even use models - usually just ultimate hipster actor Jason Schwartzman and Crazy Beautiful star Kirsten Dunst. Second, the clothes are geeky and preppy and remind me of what my Grandad wore in the 60s (he was a similar height to Jason Schwartzman too). Third, how cool is this entire lookbook shot on grainy polaroid film? I don't even care if it's cliche, I like it - it's like a little story of a day in the life of a funny weirdo. I've never actually tried on the clothes, so I do wonder if they're better suited to short guys (Shwartzman is only 5'6"), but I'll try to try some on next week when I'm in New York. I'm into it.



Anonymous said...

more suited to rich guys is probably a more appropriate way to describe Band of expensive

Leonie said...

These are hilarious. Love.

Billie said...

This shoot looks like it was incredibly fun to do and adds a sense of intriege. I'm going to look for some Kirsten Dunst ones now - I wonder if they will make full use of the cinematic quality of action that these ones did.

Simon Hoffmann said...

Whenever I spell something wrong on a blog comment, some tosser feels the need to point out my incorrect spelling. So now i'm getting my own back. *intrigue*
Love the shoot buy the way, I think actors should be used a lot more like this. Someone needs to get hold of Ellen Page for this sort of gig.

Isaac Likes said...

Simon - I hate to do this to you, but "Love the shoot buy the way"??

ah ah ah