Thursday, September 17, 2009

#823 Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs

With Lyle Lodwick (above), Cole Mohr, Luke Worrall, Mark Cox, William Eustace, Yuri Pleskun, Aiden Andrews, Abbey Lee, Siri Tollerod, Juljia, Johanes Linder and lots more whose names I don't know - if you can help fill the gaps please do!

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Anonymous said...

Some names for you :)

2nd picture: left - Adrien Sahores, right - Patrick Meckelburg
3rd pic: left - Gordie Walker, right - Robert Rae
In the pic below the one of Lyle wearing blue tank: Marteinn Jonsson

Girls: Jules Mordovets, Katlin Aas, Daniela/Supreme, Irina Kulikova, Uliana Tikhova, Emma Pei, Tao Okamoto,Hyoni Kang.

Lilly x