Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#844 First look at Salasai

Backstage at Salasai with my new best good mate Emma Champtaloup. She's only about a foot taller than me. I was jumping. I was interviewed about Salasai for Radio New Zealand the other day. I confessed to the DJ that I didn't know too much about the label but that I associated it with power dressing. After seeing the show I haven't changed my mind. It's all about the big. Big knits, big sweaters, big prints, oversized layers. You can see why Rihanna's into it.

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Anonymous said...

SGC + Lonely Hearts + Jaeha = Salasai... is it just me?

Australian said...

I was there again, sitting bored and amazed that i could see so many clashing elements from other designers.. (funny how above anon thought that too!)

Salasai started out from Preppy "Mook" kind of cloths to a brand that's lost.

There were so many ideas that didn't link clearly. Very ambitious move for some attention maybe?

There were Nom.d's styling VS clean styling.. outcome: Lost.

Salasai also used last year's trend; Bow-tie around neck? tie-dyed ? lace?

"wasn't this last year's trend?"
Fellow Australian reporter who sat next to me said.

Anonymous said...

just read on blog that zara mirkin has left sgc. do you have nay info on this??? is it scandal??

Anonymous said...

meh, i heard that ages ago. good on her for doing that! Love Zara Mirkins xx

Anonymous said...

your bloging is so slow I am reading more on other sites....... lame! you could be doing better its NZ.... time for a new bloger

Anonymous said...

Yeah! you need a whip on your ass! :P Come on Isaac! do it like NYC!
Are you getting too comfortable now :P Whip WHip!