Thursday, October 1, 2009

#859 The Ones 2 Watch(ing) Levi Clarke

Image /62 Models

My mate Levi Clarke has just shown up on The Ones 2 Watch. I was still working as a booker at 62 Models the day he first walked in the door. Everybody was incredibly excited over this 14 year old guy who'd been on holiday with his mum in London when he was scouted by an agent from FM. Within 10 days he'd shot everything from Dazed & Confused and i-D to the Topman campaign. I remember him being an incredibly skinny, incredibly tall, shy kid from the North Shore with the best Mexican moustache you've ever seen. I drove him around for a day of go-sees and castings and we passed the time talking about Snoop Dogg. Hilarious. According to The Ones 2 Watch he's planning on heading to New York next month. Not a moment too soon. Boys like Levi are wasted in New Zealand - besides Fashion Week and the odd editorial, there's just not enough work to sustain them. I say get him on the show circuit!

"Sixteen year old New Zealander Levi Clarke is one hard working boy! With 16 shows to his credit this past NZ Fashion Week, Levi was the toast of the catwalk. And with a long list of editorials in all the indie heroes - including Dazed & Confused, i-D, Wonderland, Quest, Crash and Vice - it's obvious that Levi's look translates into magical photographs. Levi's ambition is to travel next month to New York, so agencies start your bids!"



Sam said...

My ex girlfriend and I scouted him in pub in London a couple of years ago, and sent him to FM. He was really shy, and his mum extended their stay to do some tests. I often look him up to see how he is doing. Well, it seems.