Saturday, October 10, 2009

#877 Yasmin Sewell sarted in SGC

Image /The Sartorialist

Just found this pic of Yasmin Sewell on The Sartorialist (she's the Creative Director of Liberty of London and one of Scott Schuman's favourite street style subjects) wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club's NO. 8 tee shirt. That's some pretty sweet exposure right there. According to Marc Moore, Liberty of London has just placed its first order with SGC (including the NO. 8 print and the Pacman eats heart print), to be shipped out in November.

Shot of the tee from Stolen Girlfriends Club's lookbook below.



Anonymous said...

yay congrats to sgfc, those boys work hard. wanted to be the first comment saying something nice before the usual haters get to work. i love sgfc and so great to see them recognised internationally. well done, the proof is in the pudding

Anonymous said...

Its a bit like the wildfox love potion t shirt?
Everything has its "inspiration"
Sorry bad example.
Try this...
It's a beautiful blog.
Keep up the good work Isaac...