Friday, October 23, 2009

#897 Shot of the day - very Terry

Image /Fashion Gone Rogue

Terry Richardson shooting Natasha Poly (and Terry Richardson) for the Natasha Poly special edition of Muse. I can't figure out if Terry Richardson just loves getting up close and personal with the models or if he's a shameless self promoter. Either way, I love him. See the full editorial here.



Simon Hoffmann said...

So much red eye in this...... :-P

Andrea said...

OMG I totally love this editorial it's amazing, reminds me the style of the talented Mr. Guy Bourdin
I love Terry Richardson!!

Andrea said...

terry rocks

Anonymous said...

haha Simon,youre a good sport!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know *why* you love him. I mean, this is basically soft porn, it's a pretty girl with her tits out and the photographer pretending to shag her.

Oh, with scarves.

Why do you love it/him? Is it clever in some way I can't understand? Ironic? Meta? Uhhhh... hotsexyalmostporn and that's enough?

No, really. Why can you dismiss PamAm for being trashy and yet this is somehow *fashion*?