Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#982 Spotted - Julian from Berlin

All Images /The Sartorialist

While scanning through The Sartorialist's February archives I found two pictures of Julian from Berlin. For those of you who don't know, Julian is a German designer who's living in New Zealand for the summer doing some work at Trelise Cooper. I'm pretty sure he was friends with her son Jasper Cooper in Berlin and that's how he got the job. Anyway, I have some friends who are OBSESSED with him right now so I'm sure they'll be pleased I posted these photos. I love his blue coat above.

One more below.



Anonymous said...

that boy sure gets around! i saw him in this gallery too.
obv not as good as the sartorialist (duh)

Anonymous said...

julian; hot piece of ass right there.

Jack said...

Julian is one of Jasper's flat mates in Berlin,he is on an internship at Trelise Cooper Ltd and is living with Jack and Trelise while in Auckland.