Friday, December 18, 2009

#999 The Black Magazine photos you didn't see

Image /Craig Owen

I've made no attempt in the past to hide my love for kissing photos in fashion editorials. They're my favourites. Here in New Zealand though, we don't often see them. We have a distinct lack of kissing editorials. I think New Zealanders have a bit of an uneasy feeling about overt sexiness. We're not like the French or the Italians who own their sexuality on crowded train platforms. Oh non non non. Ours is hidden away behind closed bedroom doors (or at least behind closed pub toilet cubicle doors). So I was particularly excited when I saw that Black Magazine had shot a very sexy editorial with Michael Whittaker and Stella Maxwell. I blogged some behind-the-scenes photos, plus a video from the shoot, then waited patiently for the magazine to come out. When it did though, I was disappointed to find that all the sexy photos had been taken out. So I promptly got on the email to my good mate Grant Fell at Black Magazine. "Grant! Where are the sexy photos of Michael and Stella? Send them to me immediately! I have to blog them!"

Being the good man that he is, he willingly obliged, and here they are for you.

Photography: Craig Owen
Fashion Director: Rachael Churchward
Hair, Make-up and Grooming: Stefan Knight
Models: Michael Whittaker at Clyne and Stella Maxwell at Red11



Anonymous said...

that was underwhelming!
it looks like he was cheacking if she was still alive.
But I love Those TWO!

is Michael a nzder?

Leonie said...

I love this stuff too. Where did we Anglos go wrong?

Tamsin said...

they are gorgeous photos. . . why didn't Black put them in?

fashion westie said...

Maybe nz-ers like to keep their sexy all sercet squirrel? Black shoulda published one...just one!

Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

Stella always has her mouth open in each shot!

Emma said...

I'm not gonna lie, I kindof hate kissy-shots. But that is probably because I'm a bitter, dried-up old spinster haha.

Anonymous said...

Stella from AliMcd

Anonymous said...

hate the light, uggh, craig didnt get it right