Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#628 Last Tango in Paris

Bonjourrrrr! I've always loved that feeling when you're so utterly exhausted that you feel like you're floating around on a surreal cloud all day long. That was me yesterday. Two back-to-back Fashion Weeks, jetlag and almost no sleep caught up with me and I wandered from place to place in the 40 degree plus heat with a big stupid smile on my face. First stop was breakfast with Dayne and Zippora at our local, then a walk through the streets with the Zipster, then fruit in the park with our favourite Canadian Megan, then a little lie down at the hotel, then a late afternoon gelato, shopping mission and giant lemon meringue pie with Dayne and Young ZeeZee in the afternoon, then moving all my stuff to my friend Tessa's loft apartment in Montparnasse, then pizza, then a taxi ride to Oberkampf at 9:45pm to have dinner at Ave Maria with Dayne, Zippora, Megan, Jasper and his girlfriend Dempsey, then a late night stroll to Le Marais and La Perle, then a big walk to Zippora's hotel to drop her off - which I thought was close to Montparnasse, I was so wrong - then a really really long and expensive taxi ride back home to Tessa's, then emails and bed.

I took photos all throughout the day and night (below)). Paris has been kind to me. How will Berlin match up?

#627 Shot of the day - Mincing in gay Paree

Megan Jones, Jasper Seven, Dempsey and Dayne Johnston

BONJOURRRRRR! More from this night - The Last Tango in Paris - to come.


Monday, June 29, 2009

#626 Paris Menswear Final Day Recap

Me and a few mates - Lucas Ossendrijver, Alber Elbaz and Lanvin's show producer

The Gay Pride rally was all a bit noisy for me after a long day of shows, so last night I left the naked street dancing men of Le Marais and headed out into the balmy Parisienne night. I met up with Zippora and some of her model friends at a bar named La Perle (a word I had extreme difficulty pronouncing until I found out it's said just like 'pearl' in English). Two of the boys were models.com Top 50 listers and I immediately began asking them a few (hundred) questions to try to get a better understanding of what life in the business is really like.

#625 Paul Smith Finale Video - featuring Michael Jackson!

Last show of the week closed with a bang... A thrilling bang.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

#624 Paris Menswear Day 3 Recap

Image /Steve Wood - Me and Zippora Seven enroute to shows, Sonny Vandevelde watching on

My local breakfasterie in Paris is an organic bakery named Le Pain Quotidien in Le Marais. Every morning I go there and attempt to explain my not too complicated breakfast order in French to the same waitress who knows I don't speak French, but delights in correcting me at every given opportunity.. (Hot chocolate, orange juice and selection of breads - hold the brown, add an extra baguette.) For the past two mornings I've watched an amused twenty something year old guy watch me as I slowly sound out my bad French vowels. This morning he spoke to me and asked why I don't just speak English to her. I replied that the only way my bad French will ever improve is by practising it with rude French waitresses. He laughed and introduced himself. His name is Kalle Heimburger, he comes from Denmark and he's here for the menswear shows too. He's a buyer for Normann Copenhagen - apparently the biggest designer store in the country. "What do you sell?" I asked. "Oh, you know," he replied, "clothing, books, shoes, furniture, dildos."

So much for that famous Danish restraint.

#623 Shot of the day - Michael isn't dead

Image /Steve Wood

He lives on forever in our hearts.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

#622 Backstage at Blaak Homme

All images /Stardust Fashion

#621 Backstage at Rick Owens

All images /Stardust Fashion

#620 Backstage at Kris Van Assche

All images /Stardust Fashion

#619 Backstage at Junya Watanabe

All images /Stardust Fashion

#618 Paris Menswear Day 2 Recap

Me and my mate Usher at Comme des Garcons - he obviously didn't get the memo though; nobody looks at the camera these days

I was eating breakfast with Dayne Johnston and Zippora Seven when I heard the news about Michael Jackson. I was 12 hours behind the rest of the world, I know, but I have limited internet access here in Paris and the whole different language thing doesn't make for the quickest of news gathering. I was terribly upset - just two days ago I was quoting one of his songs! - but it would seem judging from the conversation of the other diners that I was the only one. Like Princess Diana, the Twin Towers or Y2K, I'll always remember where I was when I learned of the King of Pop's death. For the rest of the day every Paris newspaper, TV and radio station blared Michael Jackson news, photos, video and music.

But would it make its way to the Paris Menswear shows?

Friday, June 26, 2009

#617 Backstage at Henrik Vibskov

All images /Stardust Fashion

#616 Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier

All images /Stardust Fashion

#615 Celebrities at Louis Vuitton

All images /Stardust Fashion

#614 Backstage at Louis Vuitton

All images /Stardust Fashion

#613 Backstage at Hugo Boss

All images /Stardust Fashion

#612 Paris Fashion Week Day 1 Recap

Guest of honour Adrien Brody arriving at Hugo Boss

I'm not one to let a minor setback like a stolen BlackBerry and iPod keep me down, so first thing this morning I was off bright and early to the opening show of Paris Menswear. Well, not exactly the opening show, or the second show for that matter, but the third show nonetheless. Hugo Boss. At 11.30am. After a lovely French breakfast of chaud chocolate and croissants. Well I actually arrived at 11.50am. But it wasn't a problem, these things never run on time. Last season I'd been given a front row seat at Hugo Boss (my only official one), thanks to the lovely Australian brand manager. This season, not so much as a standing. I marched myself off to the PR agent and told him who I was, who my Australian press contact was, that my BlackBerry had been stolen, and that last season I'd been oh so VIP. He assured me it wouldn't be a problem and asked me to wait to the side. Good thing I was so late, because at that very moment the security guards parted the entry gates and a black Mercedes sped up. Out hopped Adrien Brody. Out popped my camera. Sometimes it pays to be a pleb.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

#611 Thievery on the Milano Express

I was robbed. Somewhere in the deep oblivion between Milano Centrale and Paris Bercy, a light-fingered devil came into my carriage and relieved me of my BlackBerry and my iPod Touch - while I was sleeping no less. The pilfered items were in my bag which sat on top of my laptop which lay right next to my camera, so they obviously weren't in greedy moods - though they did steal 300 Euro from my carriage mate, and 750 from the girl in the next carriage over. My iPod I could deal with. All it means is not getting to listen to the same four songs on repeat for the next three weeks (All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem, Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez, If and 3am Airport - Grant Hindin Miller aka my Dad, oh, and sometimes Lollipop by Lil Wayne), but my BlackBerry? Come on! Not my BlackBerry!!

#610 Backstage at Gucci

All images /Stardust Fashion - Marcel Castenmiller with star makeup artist Pat McGrath

With first looks, beauty shots, luggage and all white styling.

#609 Backstage at Frankie Morello

All images /Stardust Fashion

With Cole Mohr, Ash Stymest, Kelly Osborne, Luke Worrall, Lenz von Johnston and Jeremy Young. Lots of clowning around with the boys.

#608 Backstage at Jil Sander

All images /Stardust Fashion - Adrian Bosch channels Spok

From day one at Milano Moda Uomo (before I'd arrived) - with Adrian Bosch, Clement Chabernaud, Matvey Lykov and more.

#607 Shot of the day - Surprise! It's Kelly Osborne

Image /Stardust Fashion

Front of house at my first show of the week - Frankie Morello - where Kelly Osborne was supporting her boyfriend Luke Worrall. I didn't really talk to her at all but I saw her a number of times throughout the week, always at shows that Luke was modelling in, I took photos each time - and I must say that she was absolutely lovely. Always smiling, always easy going. Ozzy obzy taught the girl well.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#606 Milan Menswear Final Day Recap

All images from Twitpic - The City's Adam Senn, backstage at Ermanno Scervino

Casual Fridays aren't just reserved for the modern workplace, today the final day of Milano Uomo erupted in a sea of denim, tee shirts and Chucks. Gone were the suits, the ties and the fresh, chipper faces of days one, two and three, out came the jaded, wincing, hungover scowls. Though four days doesn't sound like a lot, when you're going to 12 hours worth of shows every day, each one a spectacle of blinding lights and deafening music - then going home and sorting it out in your mind so you can make some sort of sense of it all, four days can seem like a millenia. I'd eaten my fair share of the humble pie yesterday so I was eager to make up for missed opportunities. And here's how it went down.

#605 Shot of the day - Chace Crawford at Armani

Image /Stardust Fashion

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald) sits front row at Emporio Armani. Which leaves but one question - where's Chuck Bass!?


#604 Milano Moda Uomo Day 2 Video Highlights

With Enrico Coveri, Roberto Cavalli, Etro, Moschino, Prada, Ella Drake, Michael Whittaker, Ash Stymest, Bruce Raubenheimer.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#603 Milan Menswear Day 2 Recap

All images from Twitpic - Preshow press conference with Roberto Cavalli - he's very brown and smoking that big ol' cigar

Jetlag set in today and with exhaustion came home sickness. I found myself calling Telecom International Roaming Helpdesk at regular intervals throughout the day - none of the people I spoke with were Kiwis, but the New Zealand accented recorded voice message did give me some small degree of comfort. As we all know, pride comes before a fall, so I was due for a face-first body-slam onto the concrete after my supremely cocky post last night. And it came. Twice. But today did start promisingly enough, first stop was Enrico Coveri.

#602 Milan Moda Uomo Day 1 Video Highlights

Gucci, Versace, Giuliano Fujiwara, Frankie Morello, John Richmond, Vivienne Westwood, Gianfranco Ferre, Cole Mohr, Ash Stymest, Luke Worrall, Kelly Osborne and Marcel Castenmiller. Music by Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Brain Slaves.


Monday, June 22, 2009

#601 Milan Menswear Day 1 Recap

It's 12:42am Milan time, 6:42am Singapore time and 10:42am New Zealand time, I've slept four hours in the past 48, my body is numb, my feet are swollen like a pregnant woman's and I'm pretty sure I've developed a lazy eye slash facial tick. But who am I to complain - today was so simple I may as well have had a full, unadulterated backstage pass to the entire event, such was the ease with which I came and went. Not that it began hitch free - I had a minor onset of panic (translation: hyperventilation into a paper bag) when my suitcase was the very last to come off the luggage belt 50 minutes after my flight had landed in Milan. An hour or so later (7:30am) I arrived at my hotel to find that I wasn't able to check in until midday. Luckily Bryan Boy was on hand with a friendly smile, a hot shower and a place to store my bags. I headed on my merry way to the first show - Frankie Morello, which I had an email invite for but no physical one, only to be told that my name wasn't on the list. "Not on the list?" I cried, "whatever do you mean!?"

#600 Backstage at Trussadi - Milan Menswear

All images /Steve Wood (Stardust Fashion)

With special guest appearances from Garrett Neff, Simon Nessman, Reid Prebenda and Milan Vukmirovic. All the shots below.

#599 Backstage at Costume National - Milan Menswear

All images /Steve Wood (Stardust Fashion)

Featuring Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, Jethro Cave, Ennio Capasa and that blonde Southern American model whose name I can never remember. All the shots below.

#598 Backstage at Burberry - Milan Menswear

All images /Steve Wood (Stardust Fashion)

Featuring Christopher Bailey, Rogier Bosschaart, Tom and other assorted male models. All the shots below.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#597 Milan Fashion Week Day 1 - Dolce and Gabbana

All Images /Stardust Fashion

As butch as you'd expect, see below...

#596 Milan Fashion Week Day 1 - Burberry

All images /Stardust Fashion

I just arrived, I'm sitting in Bryan Boy's hotel room in Milan, he's sick as a dog, I need to have a shower. The marvelous Steve Wood sent through a selection from the first day's photos - so far I've got Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana. If the face above looks familiar, you guessed it, it's our very own expat Aiden Andrews.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#595 Next stop, Milan

Me and Dad

After an unbelievably hectic week of organising suits, picking up flowers, writing speeches, laying out table plans, making cups of tea and generally trying to keep out of as much trouble as possible, my first moment of relaxation comes in the form of sitting in the terminal at Christchurch International Airport waiting to board a flight to Singapore. I am exhausted. Physically exhausted, mentally exhausted and yes, emotionally exhausted - I may or may not have shed a little tear last night when my sister said her vows. I can't think of an appropriate adjective to describe the wedding - but all I can say is that I've been to plenty of weddings in my time and none of them have been as special to me as this one - seeing my sister so happy meant the world to me.

#594 Shot of the day - Oo la laaaa

As you can see, the wedding was a huge success - they were doing that all day!


Friday, June 19, 2009

#593 Michael Whittaker - A Kult is born

All images /Kult Magazine

There might be a wedding going on, but you can't drag me away from my computer! (Actually it starts in two hours and I managed to find a quiet place to plug my laptop in.) I came across Michael Whittaker's brand new cover and 14 page editorial for Kult Magazine yesterday and had to post it all before I get to Milan and catch up with him in real life. As far as I know he's been casting for the shows all week in between shooting a Diesel lookbook. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the catwalk. Speaking of which, I received an email from Aiden Andrews' grandmother, who told me that the Kiwi expat has booked the Burberry show which will take place on Saturday Milan time.

Michael Whittaker's Kult editorial below.

#592 Belle du Jour by Stephen Marr

My sister is getting married today! I still haven't finished my speech, so I really don't have time to blog, but here's the Belle du Jour video by Stephen Marr. It's hot. Enjoy!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

#591 Shot of the day - Chair dressing

From Christchurch.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

#590 Ties ties ties... What to wear to the wedding?

I couldn't quite decide what to wear to my sister's wedding (which, if I haven't already mentioned, I'm MCing) so I brought a few options with me to Christchurch. My mum kindly snapped away patiently through multiple tie changes, but the black suit and cream shirt (both by Crane Brothers) stay the same throughout. All feedback is good feedback so comment away! I'll tell you which one is my favourite though if you read on.

Spoiler: it's not the one above.

#589 Vinnie Woolston - you asked for it

All images /David Shields for Melbourne's Sunday Magazine

Apologies for my extreme lack of blogging today, this is the first time I've been in front of a computer since last night. I flew into Christchurch early this morning and I've been doing wedding stuff all day - it would seem waltzing isn't quite as easy as it looks! Last week I did a post on the few NZ male models who are doing anything exciting at the moment, and had an immediate swarm of requests for recent Vinnie Woolston work. Coincidentally, yesterday morning my best good mate John Randerson sent me an email from Melbourne saying that the Sunday Magazine over there had featured a David Shields/Vinnie Woolston editorial in the weekend. So here it is for you (more below). It looks like it was shot at a West Coast beach - a David Shields signature - and was styled by David Bonney.

The moral of the story is, those who ask shall receive.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

#588 Shot of the day - 5% down

A whole lot more to go. Leaving for Christchurch and weddings tomorrow. Nobody's on Skype. Thank God for Michael Jackson: "You are not alooooooone..."


#587 Sweater Quest Part 2 - Kate Sylvester

The Sweater Quest continues! Only this time, I didn't even need to leave the house (or so I thought). Yesterday afternoon I got an email from the lovely Monique at Kate Sylvester, who said that there was a parcel for me at the store. I called my flatmate and asked him to pick it up, he said he would, but arrived home empty handed. He'd forgotten. So this morning I took myself down to the Kate Sylvester store on High Street to pick it up. I couldn't wait to get home to see what I'd gotten so I ripped the package open then and there. Inside was the perfect gift - a V Neck sweater. Newsreader (and serious hottie) Samantha Hayes happened to be in there at the same time as me and she loved it too - so you know it's good.

I took some shots when I got home...

Monday, June 15, 2009

#586 Shot of the day - One of these days...

Image /Laura Allard-Fleischl

I'll stay here for Fashion Week. Until then, I'm content with top and tailing with a friend in Le Marais. You know, keeps you warm on those balmy Parisian evenings.


#585 Boys to watch - Jonathan K and Zdenek Z

Image /Emerson Marant

I've been asked a few times recently why I spend more time talking about models than fashion on my blog. The answer, put simply, is that I'm more interested in people than I am in things. I was a stylist for a very short time (I enjoyed picking the models more than picking the clothes), then a booker at 62, and it's always been the people side that's attracted me to the industry. I love the buzz backstage before a big show, I love to know who has booked which campaign, and I especially love predicting who will make it big. With that in mind, I had a look at the current crop of boys who are emerging at the moment, and picked two that I can see doing well.

#584 Hark the Herald, bloggers sing!

Image /nzherald

I'm two days out from leaving Auckland, still haven't thought about packing. Four days out from my sister's wedding - that I'm MCing - still haven't decided on an outfit or written my speech. Five days out from leaving the country for what will be my first ever international Fashion Week circuit, it's going to be full blown summer, and all I can think to wear is my new CATS tee shirt. I probably should be a little stressed.

No time for that, I just got some great news!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

#583 Shot of the day - The Autumn Leaves...

Image /Caleb Jordan

Drift by my windows...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

#582 Aiden Andrew's showcard - Milan

Image /models.com

Surprise NZer Aiden Andrews is also repped by Why Not in Milan, and according to an email he sent me on the 10th, just arrived in Europe two days ago. Andrews moved to the States when he was nine years old, but he still holds onto his roots. According to him,
"I'm really trying to rep the N Zed the best I can in the NY. I recently did an editorial where the stylist loved my greenstone necklace and insisted on using it in the portrait."


#581 Michael Whittaker's showcard - Milan

Image /models.com

Kiwi model Michael Whittaker's Milan agency Why Not have just put up their showcards for the upcoming season, and I'm told that castings begin for the boys today.

Good luck Michael!


#580 Shot of the day - Malc by Malc Jacobs

Image /Mikhail Gherman

"Marc Jacobs’ two Tokyo stores have just been shut down but he’s left a lasting impression on Japanese Grandmas. This picture taken in the small seaside town of Hase an hour South East of Tokyo."


Friday, June 12, 2009

#579 New Zealand's Next Top Model LOVES ME!

Image /Andy Pickering

It's Friday and I'm sure a lot of you are feeling at a loss like me. What on earth are we going to do tonight? Top Model's done and dusted and the new show Stylista isn't going to take its place. This cloud does have a little silver lining though - the above picture just came through from my friend Andy Pickering at Pilot Magazine. What can I say? I'm super chuffed.

Thanks Andy and thanks Christobelle!


#578 Shot of the day - Lip my stocking

Image /Mikhail Gherman

"Last night had dinner with Mr Mago, the women’s buying director for one of Japan’s biggest and hippest fashion chains: Beams (a long time customer of Karen Walker). Mago-san on far left, next to him his assistant Ms Katayama and then Mika and Minami from KW team in Tokyo. Incidentally Mago-san played the art director in Lost In Translation - you can see him laughing behind the director in the 'more intensity' ad shoot scene. This photo taken around midnight, back streets Harajuku, heading back to hotel. Karen’s knee in foreground. Lip my stocking."


#577 Best present EVER!

As you know, I'm off to Europe next Saturday to cover the Milan and Paris menswear, Berlin men's and women's and Paris Haute Couture shows. Alongside my traditional daily accounts (like I did for RAFW), I'm going to be Tweeting like a madman - that means real time pics, video and quotes from the shows. The only problem is, for the past two years I've been rocking a basic Nokia handset - this thing is so old that you'd be amazed it could even send texts, let alone take a picture or send an email. I've been a loyal Telecom customer for the past eight years but Vodafone has always had way better phones - they've got the iPhone, they've had Blackberry for years - and Telecom has been sorely lacking on the technology front. Not anymore.

Thank God for XT.

#576 Alexa Chung's Super Duper Kiwi connection - From MAX

Here's an excerpt from my lastest weekly MAX blog:

It’s not just MAX who’s been getting all the international spotlight of late, our girl Karen Walker has been clocking up some column inches too. Most recently it’s been coming off the bat of British model/TV presenter/my latest obsession Alexa Chung wearing her Super Duper glasses. Like all the time. So, thanks to the girls over at Karen Walker, I’ve assembled a little selection of Chung snapped in everyday situations - you know, sitting front row at Louis Vuitton, being shot by The Sartorialist, cruising down the street in New York - for your (and my) viewing pleasure.

Read the rest here.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

#575 Shot of the day - Comme collaborations

Image /Mikhail Gherman

I had breakfast with Karen Walker and Mikhail Gherman a few weeks ago. Over tomatoes on toast and cups of tea we discussed everything from politics to travel, and Mikhail made the ambitious promise of sending me one shot of the day everyday that they were in Tokyo. Well they're there right now, and the first shot has just come in.

From Mikhail:

"The old Dover Street Market site has just this week been re-invented as a collaborative store between Comme des Garcons and Nippon Vogue. They merchandise based on what’s in Vogue each month and the store wil be open for 6 months. This month heavy with Chanel, Takashi Murakami (giant, fluffy toy daisies filling the entire top floor), Undercover and of course Comme. Next month featuring an area of Karen Walker. Koto dori, aoyama."


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#574 Real life Top Model Go Sees #3

Image /Model Go-See

Third placed Top Model contestant Hosanna Horsfall, who the judges declared to be "the most commercial girl of the group", and who the other contestants declared to be "really, really frustrating!" accompanied second placed Laura Scaife on go-sees today around Auckland.


#573 Shot of the day - An NZer in London

Image /men.style.com

Kiwi male model Jasper Seven (brother of Zippora) backstage at a Central Saint Martins Fashion School show in London.


#572 Real life Top Model Go Sees #2

Image /Model Go-See

New Zealand's Next Top Model
runner up Laura Scaife is doing the rounds today with third place getter Hosanna. These shots of Laura have just gone up on Aaron K's Model Go-See blog. Looking good Laura, looking good!