Monday, February 1, 2010

#1059 Bonne Chance Bunnies

Busy Big City Bunny

While I was away, I received an email from an Aucklander named Emma Ng. In it, she told me that she'd begun knitting these tiny bunnies, and that the one above (with its burgundy pants and navy sweater) had reminded her of me. I'm not usually one for toys, but the combination of knitting and mini sweaters and maroon and navy got me obsessed. She's made a whole series of them which can be viewed on her website Bonne Chance Bunnies, and each one has a cute name and little background story. And best of all, they're only $NZD8 (plus postage) each! That's like €4 or $USD5.50 or $AUD6. So good.

More bunnies (and their descriptions) below.

Serious Oxford Bunny

'In his burgundy jumper and navy pants, this is one serious and academic little bunny. This bunny is the world's Bunny-Speed-Reading champion. He is currently reading Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson.'

Blue on Blue Bunny

'Why so long-faced? In the words of Burt Bacharach... Blue on blue, heartache for heartache... blue on blue, now that we are throouuughhhh... With its long, sad eyes, this bunny looks on the verge of tears. Even this bunny's outfit has got the blues! Somehow this bunny's heartbreak makes it all the more endearing. Give [it] a reason to cheer up!'

Good as Gold Bunny

'This bunny is just the sweetest little thing. Full of revelations, this little sweetpea is guaranteed to be unfailing in its loyalty and love.'



Emma said...

LOVE "Serious Oxford Bunny"... and he and i have similar taste in books - Mother Tongue is one of my favorites!! aaw they are obscenely cute.