Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#1075 Someone snuck a camera into the ANTM judging panel

Photo: The Cut

Remember way back in December when America's Next Top Model was filming in New Zealand? Those were the days. Chasing celebrities, getting removed from restaurants by bodyguards, helping Jay Manuel pick up suitcases... And remember how it was so under wraps and nobody was allowed to take any pictures or reveal any information for fear of breaching the $USD5,000,000 confidentiality contract? Well somebody managed to get a camera into the judging panel and snap this photograph of Andre Leon Talley in custom-made Ralph Rucci - it showed up on Fashionista and The Cut today. It could well have been supplied by the producers (update: it was supplied by the producers), but either which way it's irrelevant. What is relevant is the giant Maori carving behind ALT. That thing is massive. Massive and kinda reminiscent of... Oh wait.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, why is the carving relevant?

fashion westie said...


Is this the cycle that screens on Friday? Or is my FreeView being stoopid?

Isaac Likes said...

It's Cycle 14 so if that's the one your FreeView is playing then yessir!

freena said...

Unfortunately we're still catching up. TV3's playing Cycle 12.