Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#1081 Atip Wanunuruks dreadless!

Photo: Showroom22 Twitter

Well smack me over the head and call me Charlie. Stylist, style icon, man about town and all-round nice guy Atip Wanunuruks has just cut all his dreadlocks off - as you can see in the above photo just Tweeted by Murray Bevan of Showroom 22. I put a picture of him on Isaac Likes Diary yesterday so you can see the difference - I don't know - 10 years of dreadlocks makes. Crazy. He must be at least 15 kilograms lighter. I wonder if he'll be like Samson and lose all his power now?



katherine said...

Holy. Moly.

I wondered if he cried while it was happening because I know I would if I had spent that long cultivating a hairstyle to have it chopped off in the space of, I'd guess, 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Alright Atip!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no more smelly hair!!

oldgirl said...

Ihave always loved dreadlocks on men not women but they do smell, Hope the style icon is not lost now he just one of the crowd.Was it he dreads or his fashion eye that got him well know for styling we will wait and see.