Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#1098 Peaches Geldof to Karen Walker - "You were strutting it like Claudia Schiffer"

Here's a little Karen Walker backstage and show highlights package presented by Peaches Geldof for NYLON TV. It showed up on Youtube yesterday (thanks Sassybella). Alongside a couple of shots backstage and a 90 second clip from the show, Peaches Geldof does a mini interview with the lady of the moment, where they discuss the inspiration - "Sound of Music meets Bob Dylan... Freewheelin', that whole period." And Karen's finale bow - "You were strutting it like Claudia Schiffer, like Naomi Campbell and the greats. Did you practice that walk?" Watch the video to see Karen Walker's response.



Anonymous said...

I love that she cant really name Bob Dylan's album of inspiration, apart from "early" .... interesting

oldgirl said...

funny no comments,I have a feeling she is not that into Bob Dylan