Thursday, February 18, 2010

#1103 Karen Walker's Salzburg Sweater

Photo: Fashionista

This is the sweatshirt I wrote about on Sunday, as far as I'm aware, the first one Karen Walker's made in the past six or so seasons. It's like a gym sweatshirt from a small town high school somewhere in the middle of America. I'm so into it. Here's hoping she makes some for the boys.



Anna C said...

yaay finally a sweatshirt! i have been rinsing my runaway one for years, and hoped she would bring out some more!

Isaac Likes said...

I had all those dancing hot dog ones but stupidly sold them when I went overseas about four years ago. Huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

i wore my 'ugly duckling' sweatshirt (circa... can't remember when) yesterday, and had to wear the sleves rolled up to diguise the totally worn through cuffs. yay kw!

fashion westie said...

Watch trade me go nuts with KW sweaters.....whose foolish enough to bid way too much on a thoroughly trashed sweater?

Having said that, I need a new one too..since I sold my old one on trade me.

Anonymous said...

Ugg no better than a 3 wolves moon sweater.