Thursday, February 25, 2010

#1113 NZer Aaron De Mey is Purple Magazine's favourite makeup artist

Photo: Purple Diary

So says Olivier Zahm on Purple Diary today. I must confess to ignorance - before the Dior Homme show in Paris in January I had never heard of Aaron De Mey. Michael Whittaker and I met him backstage at the show and we all had a good laugh listening to our three accents combined. But since that day, I've seen his name everywhere. Everywhere! Magazines, newspapers, on a 1996 New Zealand fashion awards video tape, and now, today, on the Purple Magazine blog. Talented, in high demand and a nice guy to boot. Go the Kiwis!



Rebekah said...

Aaron IS nice - humble, talented and extremely hard working. Totally committed to his craft, always pushing himself to think outside the square. That's why he's risen to the heights he has.

Anonymous said...

Really? You'd never heard of him....!?