Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#1137 On the road again, and a quick note on fasting

Photo: GQ

This is me today, but without the expensive luggage, perfect hair or chiselled jawline. My destination is also presumably less grandiose, though you never can tell. I'm winging my way down to Dunedin to judge the iD emerging designer awards with Zandra Rhodes - yes, the Zandra Rhodes. What fun! We'll be joined by Sunday's Fashion Editor Katie Newton, and the crazy Italian/Irish Stefano Sopelza. My flight leaves in two hours and I'm yet to pack a bag, so I must run, but you'll hear from me again once I arrive down south.

Also, if you heard me on George FM this morning, you'll know that I've been fasting for the past week, and will continue to do so for the next 12 days until March the 20th. Why? Because I'm a Baha'i, and that's what we do once a year. But really why? Well, that requires a little explanation. The Baha'i Faith has a different calendar from the normal Gregorian one we use in the West, 19 months of 19 days. The month we're in right now, which runs from March the 2nd till March the 20th, is the final month of the Baha'i year, and every year we fast for this final month. Basically it's a spiritual and physical cleansing, a bit of a detox, a sacrifice, all in preparation for the new year ahead.

Some like to call it a physical hardship with spiritual implications, I prefer starvation for God.

It's hard, and sometimes I get a bit irritable, but it keeps me focussed... Though back in the days when I was working for him, Murray Crane did once say, "I don't know why you call it a fast, you really should call it a slow," due to my inability to carry out a task in a timely fashion while fasting. So I may not be quite my usual over-energetic self, but no doubt it gives those around me a small breather. Just you wait. You know who you are.



Tem Ptation said...

let's get lunch.

Emma said...

What are you allowed to eat/drink during fast??

Isaac Likes said...

Anything I like, so long as it's after sunset or before sunrise.

No dietary restrictions.

Just hunger.

Emma said...

Pancakes and bacon at 5:30am and kohu road icecream 9pm?
mmm fast

freena said...

Similar to the way we Muslims fast.

Regroup and revive.

Have a great next 12 days!

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy your comments. You're great.

Pierre St Emilion

Maddie said...

Yay iD! It'll be awesome, as usual.

freena said...

Pierre made me blush.