Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#1161 Topshop is coming to New Zealand!

Topshop Spring 2010 - Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue

The commenters had it right - Topshop is coming to New Zealand and will officially open its doors inside The Department Store this April. Following the example of concept stores Opening Ceremony in New York and Incu in Sydney, The Department Store will host Topshop's first ever New Zealand retail space in the former Michael Lett Gallery spot alongside Stephen Marr (upstairs on the third floor). A selection of Topshop's brands, including Topshop mainline, Unique and Kate Moss for Topshop will be stocked.

According to the press release, Topshop "hand-pick[ed]" The Department Store as their first foray into the New Zealand market, with Senior Buyer and Wholesale Manager Rachel Proud stating that, "The Department Store is a premium destination for us." And don't worry, they'll be there a while, the relationship term is indefinite.

Sources tell me Karen Walker herself flew to London to meet with Topshop representatives and buy the collection for The Department Store. In her words, "We're pretty excited, its one of the best brands out there, and one of the most exciting fashion stories ever."

Topshop coming to New Zealand is pretty big news for the local industry. It's the first time anything like this has ever been available in New Zealand (not including online buying), and hopefully marks a shift in world consciousness that despite our small stature, we're still a relevant market for massive companies to target (I hope you're listening, Uniqlo). But let's face it. If it wasn't for a group of like-minded individuals coming together and creating a retail environment like The Department Store, we probably wouldn't have gotten it at all.

Although the price-point will presumably be higher than the fast fashion we're used to in this country (Glassons, Hallensteins et al), I've been assured that there will be a full price range of products - from entry-level accessories (around $NZD30 for a pair of gloves) all the way up to the higher end pieces like real leather jackets (upwards of $NZD300). Plus, the stock offerings and turnover will be insane. Topshop does everything - from shoes to hats - and every month a new shipment will arrive from the UK bearing brand new product.

I'd like to say thank you to The Department Store for doing their bit to put New Zealand fashion and retail on the world map. First the Monocle Magazine nod, and now this.

No word yet on whether Topman is being included in the mix, but here's hoping.

UPDATE: Topman is coming later in the year, according to Karen Walker.

UPDATE 2: Sources say there's a high possibility that we'll see a Nike pop-up inside The Department Store sometime in the near future. I'd guess it'll go in the former Flotsam and Jetsam space between Karen Walker and The Tea Room on the ground floor.



Anonymous said...

'Inku' is spelt 'Incu'.

Isaac Likes said...

My bad, I've corrected it in the copy.

Dylan James said...

I really hope Topman finds it's way here too. Perhaps after testing the waters with a womens range first?

Lesley said...

i will be interested to see what size break they bring here. Ive always appreciated that most of the lines topshop offer, save some of the designer lines, go to at least size 16.

Kelly T said...

yus yus fun times

Anonymous said...

i just died and went to heaven. incu's topshop section is beautiful, hope zealand can perform too!!

Gen said...

Meh - the whole range is available online, as opposed to a select few pieces chosen by someone else.

It will be good for people who aren't familiar with the cut though, I find their szing and fit quite different from NZ ranges & it takes a while to figure out what suits.

Anonymous said...

Nice should have just used my comment from your last TDS post.

I am thinking Nike will take over the cafe area!

And just out of curiosity, Topshop is taking over the Michael Lett spot and Nike may possibly take over the Flotsam and Jetsam area......shouldn't we be supporting locally run and operated businesses?

Stefan said...

topman topman topman topman topman topman topman!!!!
this is great news :)))

uniqlo and asos for NZ too please :x

Stefan said...

great news, all we need now is:


please please please :D

casper said...

cant wait for topman to arrive!

Anonymous said...

asos aka as seen on screen already ships to nz and is an online only store? you can check them off your list?

Anonymous said...

hey isaac, do you know anything on them hiring?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Gen's comment
'Meh - the whole range is available online, as opposed to a select few pieces chosen by someone else'
Interesting comment, although I must give it to her, she is correct that it will be good for people not familiar with the cut as far as their sizing....
Great to know Gen is an expert in their sizing and a well seasoned world traveller.....(well done Gen!)
We aren't worse off having someone with great taste choose select pieces. That's what all stores do. They select and buy. That's why department stores around the world have created their own brand identity based on their buying and editing taste...Whether it be Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel or more boutique stores like Collette , Steven Alan and Odin, etc etc...If you don't like their edit then buy is stopping you.

Anonymous said...

I love buying topshop when overseas or online and felt good wearing it knowing I wont see anyone wearing it. But I guess its the case of a double edged sword. Having, fashionable and quite well made clothing at a very reasonable price is very attractive but now having it so accessible means everyone is going to be wearing the clothing, no matter how badly I would wont an item now the accessibility of the items ultimately will make Topshop less desirable for me.
Im sad my clothing secret is now out.