Thursday, April 1, 2010

#1169 Kate Sylvester (and me) rat-pranked for April Fool's

Gather round children, this is a story about the importance of fact checking. I was out watching the Tua fight (HOLLA!) late last night when I received an email from 'Martha' saying: "I was walking past Kate Sylvester this evening when I saw this...have no idea what is going on but there seems to be some sort of infestation!!" Me being me, I got all excited at the thought of a tail (ah ah ah) full of romance and rodents, but it turned out to be nothing more than subterfuge and trickery.

I happened to run into Susan from Kate Sylvester at breakfast this morning and was surprised to find that she knew nothing of what I was raving. I showed her the photos and told her all about the infestation and the rats and the Ministry of Health warning, but she just stared at me like I was a crazed lunatic.

So I drove past the store on the way home. It was open for business as usual. Then I called the number on the poster. It was disconnected. I tried the Ministry of Health. They too were confused. The lady on the line told me that rat infestations weren't under their jurisdiction, rodents are a City Council matter.

So I went back to the photo. Looked at it a little more closely. It's definitely the Kate Sylvester Newmarket store front. But then I looked at the poster. It's taped to the outside of the door. And there are a couple of interesting reflections. One in particular. It's a girl standing next to the girl taking the photograph. Holding 'DANGER KEEP OUT' orange tape and A3 sheets of paper.

I was Punked.

Happy April Fool's everybody!



Aych said...

reflection fail! x