Monday, April 5, 2010

#1174 A story told with pictures - Entourage

Vinnie: Where are you headed?

Ari: We're going to Geneva, that's Alan's boss right there.
Vinnie: Oh yeah? Oh, you're going to Geneva for me?

Vinnie: Something wrong?

Ari: Yeah, listen Vinny, um, you're the only one in this town that I'm telling this to. I'm in a position to get you any job that we want for the rest of your career.
Vinnie: How so?
Ari: They're offering me Alan's position, they want me to run the studio.

Vinnie: Wow.

Ari: Yeah I know, it just came out of the blue. What do you think?

Vinnie: Wow, I ju - I mean I - I think I'd like us to finish what we started together, but I think you gotta do what you gotta do right? What are you thinking?

Ari: I'm thinking... I don't know, I'm thinking! I'm thinking! I'll tell you that much.

Vinnie: Wow.

Entourage is like the man equivalent to Sex and the City. You're either the biggest gargantuan fan of all time or you're not into it. I'm a fan. I've watched every season at least six times, and whenever I'm on a plane or waiting in an airport I'll start all over again from season one. This scene takes place in episode seven, season five, and it's about as gut wrenching a moment as you can possibly imagine. Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees is playing in the background and you don't know whether to scream or cry or faint or bury your head in your hands. What will Ari do?

Entourage is the only TV show on the planet that will bring tears to my eyes at least once a season. This is what it sounds like when thugs cry.

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Tamsin said...

LOOOOOVE entourage too.

Jenn said...

recently got entourage on my comp off a mate, ALL the seasons. Sat and watched em all till they were done!

felix said...

mad respect isaac

LoulouBlue said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! Awesome soundtrack, great characters. Watched it in Oz on Foxtel, shame it isn't on much in NZ. I am a girl & I am a longtime fan - I don't find it offensive to women (I know it gets slayed sometimes). Ari is GOLD! Also do not agree with the bashing it got recently re. a throwaway Seth Rogen comment. Hug it out, bitches.