Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#1177 A moment in time

Photo: Vogue Australia

My family has a bach in Hanmer Springs. I go there about once every two or three years. Whenever I walk in, it's always like a mini time capsule of the last time we were all there together. Tables are strewn with old copies of New Zealand Listener, House and Garden, Time and Life, and the firewood box is littered with ancient newspapers. This time round, I found the October 2007 copy of Vogue Australia. Gemma Ward on the cover in multiple colours, and a Ralph Lauren 40 year retrospective inside. I got obsessed with the Magdalena Frackowiak Ralph Lauren editorial. It's part French and part WASP and exactly how a society lady should dress. Nothing beats classic elegance.

Full editorial below.



V said...

Hi Isaac,

Just recently been introduced to your site. Lookin good. I'm a Kiwi in NY and I actually worked on this shoot. I was the make up artist ;)

Isaac Likes said...


roya said...

how come i was never invited to your bach? this friendship is over

Isaac Likes said...

Because you declined my proposal?

SI.BORG said...

Hey Isaac,

I remember this shoot it was amazing!! What is even better is when it was in the Windows of the Melbourne store styled the same way!!