Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#1201 Buy tickets to Frocktails, help these guys

Photo: James K Lowe

The annual Frocktails event is coming up this Saturday at Mollies. It's a glitz and glam affair with fantasy rooms curated by local designers; a fashion show; drinks and canapés; live music and DJs. Money from ticket sales (50%, I'm told), will be donated to the Auckland City Mission.

I went to the City Mission yesterday evening at about 5:30pm to get a photograph for this post. Without sounding trite or clichéd, there's something incongruous about a fashion event at Auckland's most exclusive boutique hotel to "help raise much-needed funds," according to the press release, for the homeless.

But hey, better an incongruous donation than no donation at all. Kudos to Mollies for doing their bit. And who am I to talk? I just complained on the radio about a bad restaurant meal. Click here to buy tickets.



Rebeccah said...

Hm, I'm with you Ise, it doesn't sit quite right with me.
I'm all for the idea of donating to the City Mission, they do some great work, I'm just not sure that having a night of glamour and excess is in good taste. It's kind of like saying - we're the haves and you're the have nots. But hey, we'll give you some money for those basics you really need.
On the other hand, they are giving money to a good cause. I guess I just don't think it's a tasteful or particularly considerate way of going about it.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing for the Auckland City Mission?

Isaac Likes said...

@ Anonymous - this is a very good point.

At present, I'm doing nothing at all for the City Mission.

I've volunteered for them once, on Christmas Day last year - but in Christchurch.

I am going to endeavour to start volunteering for them again very soon.

I'll write about it when it happens.