Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#1222 Seen at RAFW - Tim Blanks

Photo: Oliver Rose

Name: Tim Blanks
Where: Front Row, Zambesi.
Occupation: Fashion writer, authority and style.com contributor - he's here in Australia covering the shows for Vogue.com.au.
From: New Zealand (originally) but lives abroad.
What he had to say about the show: "The ability to spin a good yarn with and around a collection has become a valuable arrow in the savvy designer’s quiver. It’s something Elizabeth and Neville Findlay have instinctively understood for the near-three decades Zambesi has been in business. Their clothes create an atmosphere." (From his review here.)



Anonymous said...

Elisabeth..not Elizabeth :)

Moragyn said...

Talk about cut and paste from vogue.com.au. tut-tut