Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#1227 The Dopeness/The Wackness

Photo: Oliver Rose

The Dopeness: Dempsey Stewart (my favourite model of the week) in this razor sharp matador-esque suit by Manning Cartell.

The Wackness: Security guards. Never there when you need 'em, always there when you don't. I feel for young Oliver - despite being accredited for almost every show, his pass doesn't have the necessary 'backstage approved' tag. At two different shows this morning an over-zealous security guard had him physically removed, only to mumble a sheepish apology when various PR agents explained that he was allowed to be there. Sure they're just doing their job, but seriously, there's no need to get all hands-on about it.



Cameron Putt said...

If getting hands-on is what it takes to do their job then so be it. The guards can't be blamed for the mistakes of others.

Backstage is hardly the best place for surplus people.

Anonymous said...

Oliver has taken beautiful photos this week, he has captured a delightful energy and sprit, well done Oli, love your work!