Friday, May 14, 2010

#1245 The Selby book - throw away your rubbish bins

Ksubi's Dan Single showving (shower shaving).

I moved house this week, out of a very un-Selby-esque flat (plasma screen tv, modular couches etc), and into a very Selby-esque apartment (old wooden floors, tweedy furniture, free standing lamps, cow skulls etc). The new apartment is in a former department store, and I'm fairly sure that our rooms used to be the haberdashery section. Figures. Being the lovely friend that she is, Katherine gave me a house warming present to celebrate. The Selby Is In Your Place. (She scanned it for me too.) I'm a loyal follower of The Selby blog. The book is even better. Imagine a hard cover photographic tour of the world's ultimate cool dudes' houses. Spoiler: this book will make you regret ever throwing anything away.

Spreads below.

Dan Single's shoes.

Spa owners and best looking couple on the planet Fracesca Bonato and Nicolas Malleville.

Simon Doonan (Barneys Creative Director) and Jonathan Adler (designer) playing Table Tennis in their Manhattan loft. No big deal.

Karl Lagerfeld's books.

Erin Wasson's dining room.

Some awesome surfer dude's art wall - Boys Don't Cry is my favourite band poster of all time.

Olivier Zahm's cuban boots.

Purple Institute.

My main man Take!

Take's sake.

Good couch.

Christian Louboutin - rocking the SNEANS. Holla!



Anonymous said...

oh so can you buy this book in nz then?

Katherine said...

RE: Anon - I got it off Amazon, apparently you can get it here now but I have forgotten where. Hmm.. Not so helpful after all, am I?

Gray said...

You can buy the book from flotsam and jetsam on richmond road.

Also that is not a "snean" look! Everyone knows the sneakers have to be running shoes (the kind with the lip) for it to be a snean look!

Anonymous said...

I also saw it at Jetset Bohemian on Surrey Crescent

Anonymous said...

Such a great website. These two could definitely inspire a not so healthy obsession to rival JFK Jr + Carolyn Bessette.