Friday, May 21, 2010

#1258 On the up - Matt Hockings

Matt Hockings at Nova

New Zealand doesn't produce a huge amount of tall, thin, European-looking boys, but 17 year old Matt Hockings at Nova ticks all the right boxes. Scouted in the Auckland CBD, Matt has already shot a Stephen Marr campaign with Olivia Hemus, a Glassons TV commercial with Derek Henderson, a test with Damien Nikora and an editorial for the upcoming issue of Remix, guest edited by Atip Wananuruks. Nova says Matt's starting to garner interest from New York and London, and there are plans to send him overseas at the end of this, his final school year. I say throw him in the deep end - mid-winter Milan for the January shows. What better way to find out if he can swim.

Photos below.



Katherine said...

High fives! He reminds me a little of Felix Terpstra.

SI.BORG said...

I thnk he will do well!

amanda said...

how can i be able to chat with him?:)