Friday, May 28, 2010

#1267 Snapped - Pebbles Hooper

Name: Pebbles Hooper.
Occupation: Columnist/stylist/radio disc jockey.
Where: Ponsonby Road (but I shot her down a side street).
From: Auckland - born and raised in Grey Lynn.
Favourite thing about Auckland: "The weather. And you'll never feel lonely because you'll always see a familiar face."
Favourite place: "Hong Kong because I know it really well, it's super busy and there's never any downtime. And New York because when you're there you feel like you're in a movie."
Advice to youngsters: "If you're having a hard time now, don't worry, it'll be hilarious in a few months."
Obsessed with: Tavi.



eleanor said...

shes gorgeous. great shot :)


S said...

That bag... I must have it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I like her! She's a good kid

Playground said...

She looks cute in that pic, ha living up to her name Pebbles!

But yes that bag is gorgeous!

Emma said...

i want a bambi to put my wallet and phone in.